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Here are a few facts about the Roper Family History.  This is just a brief summary history, more information is available if you are interested.  For all you Roper Family cousins out there, if you have something you are willing to share, like pictures or anything, let me know and I will gladly add it. 

Our Roper Family history in the State of Georgia started when John and Tabitha Roper moved to Forsyth County Georgia in 1838.  John and Tabitha were both born in Pickens County, South Carolina, he in 1798, and she in 1810.  If you have ever visited the Greenville, SC area and saw references to Roper Mountain, the mountain was named for John Roper's family, some of whom still live in that area. Together John and Tabitha had 11 children, one of which (the 8th) was my great-grandfather, Charles F. Roper, born in Forsyth County, GA in 1842.  John and his second wife Amy had another 5 children, a total of 16 children for ole John.
After returning from service in the Civil War, Charles F. Roper married Rebecca, and they in turn had 7 childern.  Below are some pictures of Charles and Rebecca, and also some pictures of their childern, grandchildern, and great-grandchildern.

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Below is Charles F. and Rebecca Roper.  This picture was taken sometime between 1912 and 1915.


Charles and Rebecca's first child was Albert, born 1868.  He died at the young age of 22 in 1890 in an accidental fall from the top of a church he was helping construct, and left behind a young wife with an un-born child.  Below is the only known photograph of  Albert Roper, shown here with his bride, Jenny McClure Roper. The young mother later married again and moved to Arkansas and began a new life with her new husband and young son John Roper.  John was the first of 30 grandchildern of Charles F. and Rebecca, but would not know any of his Georgia Roper aunts, uncles or cousins until he was a grown man.



Above and Below:  John and Sula Roper.


Above are pictures of the first grandchild John Roper, born in 1889 and died in 1962, and his wife Sula.  They visited his Forsyth County Georgia Roper relatives many times.  His first visit was after he was grown and married.  Below is a picture of his son Wilson Roper and his wife Nelle.  Wilson passed away in 1982, but Nelle still lives in Russellville, Arkansas, with several extended Roper family members close by.


The second child of Charles F. and Rebecca was Mary Rosalee Roper, who married Clay Milford, and they had 10 childern.  Below is a picture of that family taken sometime before 1911 when their last child (C.L. Milford) was born.  We still have lots of Milford family cousins living all around Forsyth County.  The longest living of these childern was Jewell (to the left of her father), who passed away recently at the age of 100 years.  She was at that time one of only 3 remaining grandchildern of Charles F. and Rebecca Roper, the other 2 being Lizzie Roper Satterfield and Charles E. Roper.


The 3rd child of Charles F. and Rebecca was George Herman Roper, born in 1872, and died in 1956.  George married Arta (aka Artie) Collett and they had 4 childern, the youngest of which is my dad, Charles E. Roper.  Below is a picture of George and Arta Roper taken on their 50th wedding anniversary.


Shown below is a picture of George and Arta with their first 3 childern, from left, Wilma, Louie (in Arta's lap) and Irene.  This picture was taken sometime around 1915, five years before my Dad was born.


Below is a picture of George and Arta Roper with 3 of their childern (Irene, Louie, and Charles) in 1955.  At his death in May 2008, Charles Edwin Roper was the last remaining of the 30 grandchildern of Charles F. and Rebecca Roper.


Below is a picture of all of the grandchildern of George and Arta Roper, taken in 1955.


And below is another with our Grandparents taken a couple of years earlier.


Below:  Dian and Marlin


Below is a portion of a photo taken of a "Friendship Church Singing" group.  We think the man standing at the far right is George Roper. This is probably the only picture with his first wife Molley Baldwin Roper (to his right) who died while giving birth to their only child, and the man in the back behind George in the hat could be his brother Raymond.


Below is a portion of the same "Friendship Singing" photo, showing a young Arta Collett (Roper), seated second row from bottom, second from the left.  Seated to her left is Mahulda and James Redd, Arta's grandparents.  We think the young lady standing top row second from left in the white blouse is Sally Roper (Rollins), sister of George and Raymond.


Below is a picture taken around 1954 or 1955 of the Charles Edwin and Doris Roper family at the Roper Road home of George and Arta Roper.  In the front on the left, the 5th and smallest child, who evidently wants to be a part of this Roper family photo is Marsha Satterfield (Gravitt), daughter of Lizzie Roper Satterfield. 


Pictured below are Howard and Louie (Roper) Johnson with daughter Patrica Johnson.


Below is a young and always smiling Patrica Johnson (Rogers).


Below is shown Louie Roper Johnson at the George Roper home on Roper Road.


Below is a picture of Landrum and Irene Roper Tallant.


Below are Carl and Wilma Roper Pearson.


Below is a picture of teachers at Ducktown elementary school.  Standing 3rd from right is Wilma Roper Pearson, second from right is Eula Jean Tribble, and far right is Grace Buice.


The 4th child of Charles F. and Rebecca Roper was Lucy Eldora, born in 1874, and died in 1945.  She married Alfred West (Wes) Milford, the brother of Clay Milford, and they had 8 childern, who were double first cousins to the Clay and Rosalee Milford childern.  Genetically speaking, a double first cousin is the same as being a brother or sister.  Below is a picture of the Wes Milford family.


The 5th child of Charles F. and Rebecca was Marion Raymond Roper, born in 1876, and died in 1958.  Raymond married Fannie (a first cousin to Arta Collett, who married George Roper).  Raymond and Fannie had 6 childern, all girls.  Below is a picture of Raymond and Fannie.


Below is a picture of a group taken at the front of Friendship Baptist Church that includes 4 daughters of Raymond and Fannie Roper.


Above: Back Row (L to R): Betty Ann Chadwick Mock, Lucy Roper Chadwick, Nettie Roper Chadwick, ?, Tuck Wallis, ?, ?, Francis Roper Evans, ?
Front Row (L to R): Ellene Chadwick Huckabee, Lizzie Roper Satterfield, ?, Carolyn Roper Roper.

Below:  All six daughters of Raymond and Fannie Roper.


Below is a picture of 3 childern of Charles F. and Rebecca Roper.  From the left, Sallie (the youngest), George, and Raymond.


The 6th and youngest child of Charles F. and Rebecca was Sallie, born in 1879, and died in 1967.  Sallie married Hillard Rollins in 1899 when she was 20, and they had one child, Bessie, who died as a young adult.  Below is a picture of Sallie and Hillard Rollins.


Below is a picture of sisters-in-law Sallie (on right) and Fannie (wife of Raymond).  This picture of Aunt Fannie and Aunt Sallie was taken sometime around 1962 on the front porch of Aunt Sallie's house on Friendship Circle Road.


Shown below is a picture of the "Friendship Road Crew", taken sometime around 1905.  Back in those days if you wanted road improvements in your neighborhood, you would get together with your neighbors and do it yourself.  That is what they did in their spare time, which I guess was more productive than playing golf.  Pictured second from the left is my Grandfather, George Roper, and sixth from the left is Uncle Hillard Rollins (married George's sister Sally).  And shown on the far right behind the horse is George's younger brother Raymond Roper, Grandfather of Marsha Satterfield Gravitt and Becky Price Thrash, and Great-Grandfather of Victoria Chadwick Knotts. (Picture furnished by Marsha Satterfield Gravitt).


Below is a picture of Mahulda Redd, taken in 1929 on the Roper Road Farm on her 100 birthday.  She is shown here with several of her grandchildern, one of which is my grandmother, Arta, wife of George H. Roper, who built the Roper Farm House on Roper Road. 


Back Row (L to R): Maude Bramblett Hill Stewart, Chess Bramblett, Truman Wallace, Will Wallace, Bunyon Wallace, Fannie Wallace Roper, Issac Collett, Alex Wallace.
Center Row (L to R): Mackie Richardson (Arta's Sister), Fleeta Bramblett, Georgia Armstrong (Arta's Sister), Minnie Bruce (Fannie's Sister), Martha Wallace (Mahulda's Daughter), Della Martin, Mae Smith, Arta Collett Roper, Nassie Tuggle, Kathlyn Heard.
Seated: George Bramblett, Mahulda Sewell Redd, Ed Bramblett, Arboth Bramblett.

Maude Bramblett Hill Stewart was the mother of Almond Hill, who became Superintendent of Forsyth County Schools for several years during the 1960's and 70's.  Her brothers Ed and George Bramblett were social and political movers and shakers from the 1930's through the 1950's. 

The house shown below on Roper Road in Forsyth County was built in 1847 for my great great grandmother Mahulda Redd by her father and brothers.  Its foundation is made of large oak log timbers, set on field rock.  She lived here as a young wife and mother during the Civil War while her husband was serving in the war.  Before passing on at the age of 102 when my Dad was 11, she told my Dad and his sisters of her life during those Civil War days.  I was born in this house, not in a hospital, but actually in this house, delivered by my grandmother, Arta (aka Artie), and my Aunt Irene Roper Tallant.  Maybe this little tidbit could become part of an interesting story, you know,  just like ole Abe, I was born in little log cabin out in the countryside  .  .  .  .



Shown above is cousin David L. Roper and his wife Jo, author of over 30 books, including the one below about Roper Family History.  This book is now online and can be accessed by clicking on the below link.

Let me know if you are interested in knowing more about the Roper Family History.  Our cousin David L. Roper has researched and published (April 2003) this book documenting our family history.   You can also contact David directly at:

Click this link to jump to The Roper Book (


Shown below is Federal Judge John Roper from the Mississippi branch of the family.



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